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Drug Court Unit

Webb County’s Drug Court Program is responsible for handling cases involving substance-abusing offenders and is the most effective criminal justice intervention. It offers individuals facing criminal charges for drug use and possession, an opportunity to enter a judicially supervised treatment program that serves as an alternative to criminal prosecution.

In a collaborative effort, the Drug Court Program brings interveners such as judges, prosecutors, defense counsel, substance abuse treatment specialists and others to help the offender deal with his or her substance abuse problem. The program will help the defendant’s progress toward sobriety and recovery through ongoing treatment, frequent drug testing, regular mandatory check-in court appearances and a range of other sanctions.

The Drug Court Program offers participants a chance to better themselves for their own benefit and for the betterment of their loved ones and their community by reducing drug use, crime and help restore lives. After a participant has been found eligible to participate in the program, they must be screened to determine suitability. The requirements are strict and rigorous, so candidates must be fully committed to participate in the extensive treatment and education portions of the program.

Participation is limited to defendants who meet the following criteria:

No current or outstanding charges involving a violent felony offense
No current or outstanding charges involving a sexual offense
No use of a firearm in their current charge

Eligible offenses:

Drug offenses including possession
Non-drug offenses if drug driven (such as forgeries, thefts, etc.)
Drug related felony probation violation

For further information on the Webb County Drug Court Program, call 956.523.4872.